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Here’s Why You Should Move to Magento 2.0

Speculations and rumours have surrounded the newer and the more advanced version of Magento for quite some time now. Even though it was quite talked about, the wait seemed almost too long until Allan McGregor himself announced that the newer version – Magento 2.0 – would be worth the wait. And when the time passed, … Continue reading "Here’s Why You Should Move to Magento 2.0"

How Mobile Technology is Driving the Future of Retail

The retail culture has evolved to a great extent in the past decade and needless to say, it still remains an ever-changing domain. Technology has revolutionized major aspects of our life and retail happens to be one of them. From door to door selling, retail has journeyed through shopping in malls, shopping on call and … Continue reading "How Mobile Technology is Driving the Future of Retail"

Google Has the Answers to the Known and Unknown

It was several weeks ago, Google came out with the most shocking earning and its managers could not stop taking about the business’s investments in artificial intelligence and apparatus learning. For any company that would be a complete distraction from its core business. Google combined the two topics. Artificial intelligence sits on the far end … Continue reading "Google Has the Answers to the Known and Unknown"

Future of Blackberry Is Much More Interesting and Thrilling Than You Can Imagine

Destiny and Obscurity has reached new a pinnacle ever since Blackberry has introduced its new earnings last week for April. Blackberry has always had its soft and steady doomsday creeping up but sharply rejecting its sales turned that humdrum into a full-blown chorus. Blackberry has come and gone! No one wants it anyone more…. They … Continue reading "Future of Blackberry Is Much More Interesting and Thrilling Than You Can Imagine"

Ability and Charm of Apple to Make People Crave For Better

When it comes to marketing a specific brand especially when one talks about Apple, their marketing tactic is crisp, simple and clever. Apple pays attention to creativity and on pure inventive design of their products without all the “glitter”. Since we are on the subject of Apple, the iPhone’s were introduced in 2007, to be … Continue reading "Ability and Charm of Apple to Make People Crave For Better"

Apple iPad Pro 9.7: A True Tablet or a Visual Spectacle from Apple

So, Apple has made it pretty clear with the preceding iPad tablets including the predecessor IPad 2 that sleek design and a no fuss pebble smooth finish is the signature design of iPad. With the same visuals as iPad 2, it is only natural to wonder what is so different about this one after all. … Continue reading "Apple iPad Pro 9.7: A True Tablet or a Visual Spectacle from Apple"

Blackberry Planning to Launch 2 Mid-Range Android SmartPhones

BlackBerry seems to have learned the hard way after the lukewarm response to its high end smart phone PRIV. The company now has plans to launch two mid-range android smart phones in 2016. Although no timeline has been revealed by the company, if the industry hearsay is anything to go by the phones will be … Continue reading "Blackberry Planning to Launch 2 Mid-Range Android SmartPhones"

Apple Turns 40. Here are the Hits n Misses.

So, among the major developments from the tech world this week was the 40th birthday celebration of the tech giant “Apple”.

The Big Bang Theory Of the Apple iPhone

History of iPhone goes back to around 2004 when Steve Jobs headed a secretive project called the ‘Project Purple’. The iPhone 6s and SE, have come a long way from there. Here's a throwback to the iPhone's history.

PrestaShop And Why You Will Love It!

PrestaShop has gained many users and followers thanks to their convenient shopping carts and gorgeous templates. It is a user friendly and flexible shopping cart software which can be used by almost everyone.

Data Analytics: the new top paying career in India

Data analytics has taken over the traditional techniques of digital surveying. With analytics being used in everything from advertising to presidential campaigns, the importance of data analytics cannot be suppressed in policy making and in deciding the way forward in modern day enterprises.

Do More by Doing less ; Helpchat , the personal assistant App

Ever wondered how different life could be if you had a personal assistant at your beck and call?Someone who finds out the best online deals for you, finds out local doctors, and books appointments for you, gets your laundry picked up from home and do much more.

Opt For Drupal And Why!

You need a website which you can easily edit from the backend without mulling over a code? You have been using Joomla and WordPress and think that it cannot get easier? Well, it can!

Why Must You Use ASP.NET?

ASP.NET was developed by Microsoft and is used to create web pages and web technologies. It is an extremely useful tool for developers and programmers because it allows them to deliver dynamic, rich web pages and applications. With ASP.NET one can use multiple languages like C#, VB etc. and also development tools.

MySQL or Your SQL!

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a programming language which was designed for managing data held in RDBMS or for stream processing in RDSMS. It is an open source software where you can retrieve, insert, and play around with the data without much modifications.

To WordPress Or Not To WordPress!

Numerous individuals are aware of WordPress, however don't comprehend the full capacities of the framework. The vast majority believe that WordPress is space for blogging and blogging alone!


We all lead busy lives especially when it comes to work. Work life is a completely different world, or as one would put in simply “a different ball game all together”. In the business world or work life, sales calls, meeting and a number of other things keep us away from our desks and away from our computers.

Web Designing Needs Aesthetic Visuals, And We Add the Flavour of Intuitiveness to it!

It isn't enough to merely get a web presence for your business. In this age of hyperactive competitors, you need more than websites that are just focused on the aesthetics. Your web page should be a power-packed cocktail of captivating visuals and high functionality.

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