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If you are not constantly evaluating the performance of your web pages, you’re flying blind and your business may not be doing well as it ought to. It is also equally imperative to choose the right metrics to determine if you are effectively converting clicks into sales. At DST we offer unmatched CRO services that will turn traffic into sales for your website.


Our Approach

The difference between average and jaw dropping CRO results is the approach to analytics. We use data to constantly improve conversion rates. We incorporate the given data while working closely with our clients to ensure their entire system is continuously optimized. We stop at nothing but deliver the highest and fastest conversion rates.

Identifying CRO Problematic Areas

Web site analysis is the steering wheel that online business owners need to maneuver so as to drive their way to success. Analysis provides the capability through which data and metrics are collected so as to pinpoint areas that your website needs improvement for better conversion rate optimization. Additionally, you’ll get insights as to what you customer prefer versus what irritates or bores them.

Every area of your website needs to be continuously reviewed for performance. Is there a page that has a high bounce rate? Is your landing page optimized for sales? Why are some pages getting little to no traffic? Web analysis helps to steer you towards success by objectively working on each of these challenges step by step until success is realized. DST will help you in all these areas for an effective CRO.

DST Web Analytics

Web Analytics requires some skill and experience in the interpretation of metrics. Why are people clicking away from the shopping cart? It could be a design issue, or it could be the content and layout of that particular page. There are different ways to interpret the data you have, how do you know you are doing it right?

DST has the experience and expertise to quickly interpret data from your website. The right interpretation of data helps to ensure that the right course of action is taken as soon as possible. Good web analytics will ensure that your website is optimized for SEO, sales, and to take your business where it needs to be. Talk to you today for the best, cost effective CRO services!

What we Prefer

  • “Priyanka's and team understanding was very well, complex development was made easy. Thank you for your support. Looking further for future projects with you.”

    Joseph A. Cooper
    Owner, The Alamo City

    “Just wanted to say thanks to you and team for the website. I am very pleased with the website and it was also a pleasure working with you.”

    Amos P. Wisseh
    Director, J.W. Harris Memorial Foundation
  • “Customising our website was rather complicated considering the theming requirements and integration of plugins. Priyanka performed all of that efficiently. No complaints at all!””

    Kevin Tinagero
    Business Owner, 360 Insurance Services

    “Not only have we been constantly amazed at the depth of understanding on many different business models, we found ourselves working with a team of friends.”

    Henk Ockerse
    CEO, Neobudma

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