Why Do You Need An Infographic Right Now?

With the internet becoming a vast jungle of information, people have lost the patience to read long descriptions and text advertisements. How do you make sure your brand is not lost in the sea of unlimited webpages and links on the largest marketing platform – the internet? Simple, by designing something that catches the eye of the average netizen who tends to be a speedy scroller, and that something, is an Infographic. Visual representations of your text that convey through images exactly what you want to say.


Our Approach

Our approach to content creation has always been to create meaningful content that will engage your clients. We are committed to providing you with infographics that will deliver your brands message across your customers be they young or old. We have the expertise needed to transform complex information into an easy to understand infographic.

How Successful Are Infographics?

Let’s cut the preaching and talk numbers. Images as a source for online marketing have a success rate of 74%, as opposed to 68% for blogging and 60% for videos. Your infographic will have 30 times more chances of being read than a complete textual advertisement. People are more receptive to and tend to remember 80% of an image they see and only 10% of an article they read. In simple words, your infographic has more statistical chances of striking a chord with your audience than any other form of online marketing.

How do we, at DST, design your Infographic?

The only way we know how – to perfection.

It’s a known fact that people respond to images more positively than text or sound and we know exactly how to leverage this fact. A dull image has no charm and a complicated image is just ignored. Striking a perfect balance between art and information when designing your infographic is the key and that is what we at DST strive to achieve. We take into account your requirement and make it a point to understand your brand and the service you provide to tailor visual banners that project your message accurately and quickly. No matter how complicated the product or service, we can intricately design an infographic that communicates your vision seamlessly.

With simple yet visually stunning Infographics, your brand will receive the marketing edge that propels it to the top. Are you ready to give your brand that marketing edge? Have queries that need answering? Dive right in to our Contact Us section to drop us a message and one of our team members will get right back to you promptly!

What we Prefer

  • “Priyanka's and team understanding was very well, complex development was made easy. Thank you for your support. Looking further for future projects with you.”

    Joseph A. Cooper
    Owner, The Alamo City

    “Just wanted to say thanks to you and team for the website. I am very pleased with the website and it was also a pleasure working with you.”

    Amos P. Wisseh
    Director, J.W. Harris Memorial Foundation
  • “Customising our website was rather complicated considering the theming requirements and integration of plugins. Priyanka performed all of that efficiently. No complaints at all!””

    Kevin Tinagero
    Business Owner, 360 Insurance Services

    “Not only have we been constantly amazed at the depth of understanding on many different business models, we found ourselves working with a team of friends.”

    Henk Ockerse
    CEO, Neobudma

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