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One of the things that PHP help web developers to achieve is server-side scripting. However, that’s not all, it also aids in many other things like what a CGI program can do. You can collect form data, create dynamic page content, and receive or send cookies. When you work with DST, we do not stop there, we use PHP on other areas including command scripting and writing desktop applications, this helps you in your area of business it be ecommerce or WordPress.

Our Approach

At DST we ensure that PHP runs on different web servers and all operating systems including Linux, Mac OS many Unix variants (which feature OpenBSD, HP-UX, and Solaris), RISC OS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and others. This gives you the freedom to choose what operating systems and web server to use as per your fancy.

Why Work with Us?

Over the years we have worked with both new and repeat customers, offering seamless PHP services, web design and internet marketing. We are masters of this field, we even offer advance PHP-GTK to create desktop applications and cross-platform applications, something that many web developing companies are not able to achieve.

More with DST PHP

Working with us, you will get more from PHP, you will not be limited to output HTML, you will also output images, such as PDF and flash movies (using libswf and Ming).

One of the major benefits of PHP is that it supports a wide range of databases. You can write a database-enable page easily using database specific extensions like mysql, or an abstraction layer like PDO. You can also able to connect to any database supporting the Open Database Connection standard via the ODBC extension.

Working with us you will enjoy the many benefits that advanced PHP offers. You will get to use the web servers and operating systems that appeal to you and are convenient for your target audience. Talk to us today and we will guide you through PHP that at times seems complex for lay men. Contact us through our website at the Contact Us Page. We look forward to hearing from you!

What we Prefer

  • “Priyanka's and team understanding was very well, complex development was made easy. Thank you for your support. Looking further for future projects with you.”

    Joseph A. Cooper
    Owner, The Alamo City

    “Just wanted to say thanks to you and team for the website. I am very pleased with the website and it was also a pleasure working with you.”

    Amos P. Wisseh
    Director, J.W. Harris Memorial Foundation
  • “Customising our website was rather complicated considering the theming requirements and integration of plugins. Priyanka performed all of that efficiently. No complaints at all!””

    Kevin Tinagero
    Business Owner, 360 Insurance Services

    “Not only have we been constantly amazed at the depth of understanding on many different business models, we found ourselves working with a team of friends.”

    Henk Ockerse
    CEO, Neobudma

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