Lead Hill Garage

For All Your Motoring Needs in a Workshop

Lead Hill Garage is a family owned business that offers premium dealer services for the maintenance as well as the purchase of different types of cars. They also provide small repairs, on-the-go servicing for all car makes and models, and competitive rates with maximum professionalism.

The deadline-abiding method for delivering a completely new website based on the same ethos as the old one, was exactly as per our requirements.”

Client Requirements

Lead Hill Garage needed a brand new website that was 100% responsive and self-manageable. Also, they required discreet custom functionality to consolidate their product showcase while maxing out customer reach.


Lead Hill Garage approached us with their requirements of building an easy to navigate and descriptive yet SEO friendly website. Their objective was to get a platform, where they could manage their content regularly without worrying about costly maintenance. The primary challenge was to accommodate all these demands and reflect the different client services in a compact space for an excellent UX.

Our Solution

DSTOL chose WordPress as the platform for their website development and design, as it was easy to maintain and manage. Our development team provided the Lead Hill Garage with an all inclusive website design and development service. The website developed by our team reflected their vision and services in the best possible way without compromising user experience or usability.



Final Statement: Our team at DSTOL provided Lead Hill Garage with a fully functional WordPress backed site that was easy to maintain and manage. The site provided friendly user experience, quality information and inbound links that maintained SEO friendliness as well.

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