Give Me Coffee

SEO Case Study: The Step-By-Step Process for Give Me Coffee to rank #1

Give Me Coffee is one of the largest and most comprehensive coffee appliances companies. Their coffee machines are reputable, established and supported by years of technical knowledge and product support. They never sell commodity coffee; only specialty coffee!

I wasn’t too sure about SEO, but the way I was made to understand the details made it easier for me to chart out a plan for my website. Afterwards, I also saw a considerable boost in the traffic thanks to the rapid improvements in the keyword rankings relevant to the products offered on my website.

Client Requirements

Give Me Coffee is one of the numerous start-ups we have partnered with to build them a brand new website from scratch. Also, the venture required social media campaigns that would boost promotion and visibility of their product and services.


When Give Me Coffee approached our team at DSTOL, they had several objectives including the need for increased traffic, optimized keyword ranking, and better conversion rates on their website. They had their target on local Dubai demographics, which ended up as the most intense undertaking during the planning phase of their project.

Our Solution

DSTOL worked with the best SEO practices during the website design and development phase. Using out industry proven capabilities, we gave Give Me Coffee more that what they anticipated. The site evolved into a reputable online coffee supplier vendor across the country. They reported a huge increase in site traffic, and we made sure that we capitalize on SEO strategies to give the business value for their money.

Multiple homepage URLs were redirecting as HTTP error 301, and there were page canonicalization issues to tackle. Our expertise enabled us to rectify these with effective SEO and the execution of critical site tasks. To top it up, we performed server testing, detailed URL mapping, keywords research, and content creation. For emergency purposes, we created a backup and foolproof security protocols for their e-commerce website.



The entire Management and Lower Team at DSTOL took a reading role shaping of Give me Coffee promotional campaigns. The project was more than a success thanks to eBrandz. It has created more opportunities and exposed our potential. Overall, the undertaking has opened new frontiers for the business.

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