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If you are planning to roll out a new e-commerce site, or updating your online presence, you need an ecommerce company that understands the nuances of successful online marketing. At DST, we strive to boost your brand and increase your ROI! We got what it takes to build customer-centric ecommerce sites and the perfect user experience. Whether you are a small start-up or a high-end brand, DST is your go to website building partner.

A home for your brand

Your brands reputation is what determines your profit margins. At DST, we want you to boast of a store that make you look like an authority. We ensure that you become a leader in your niche. Our developers come up with concepts that enable you to retain the looks and the control over your website. We do not domineer, rather we make sure that you work with the original idea and specifications you give us from the get go. You don’t have to be an IT guru, all we do is offer a wide range of templates, you pick one and we get down to work.


Put your products first

Portal Must be Easy to Update and Secure

When you come to us, we create exactly the kind of e-Commerce website that you want. We ensure that your portal is easy to update and secure. We empower your site with relevant tools that make it easy when it comes to managing your product portfolio, pricing and billing. We will help you optimize your site such that your brand is highly visible with every search.


A seamless checkout experience

Accept payments instantly

When customers search and want to pay for your goods, it can be the defining moment. At DST, we ensure that your payments are traceable and verifiable. We will help you to empower your clients to keep track of shipment too.


Run Your Business

Manage your orders, contact customers, track sales trends, and more

A home for your brand

Keep Track of Your Budget and Needs

DST developers ensure that your website is clutter free and easy to navigate. We know how to stream line your orders and channel the same towards the right target audience. We have the right site navigation tools and proper shopping cart frameworks to enable you keep track of your budget and needs.


Powerful insights to help grow your business

Your store at a glance

To keep your business afloat, you need to keep track of sales, product availability, prices, and emerging trends in the market. We will help you keep track of such aspect without cramming too much info on site. We don’t bombard your customers with too much info, we only keep the most relevant tips and we have useful metric parameters to help you grow your bottom line.


Extend your site with over a thousand apps

Access Store Updates From Your Phone

Your business doesn’t stop when you’re away. Instantly access your store analytics, update your store,fulfill orders, or contact a customer all from your smartphone.


Run your business from your phone

Access everything from your smartphone

At DST, we don’t just do bespoke e-commerce solutions; we offer you responsive web design will all the creativity we can muster. We ensure that our responsive design blueprints are optimized to deliver seamlessly on different channels and devices. We have a design team that makes sure that they deliver UX-focused web platforms. Whatever we build is not cookie cutter but top of the breed.


All the Features You Want

We handle all the hassles of ecommerce, perfect for beginners and experts alike

Website builder and full-featured blog

70+ international payment gateways

Unlimited bandwidth and products

Global tax and currency support

Search engine optimized

Gift cards and discount codes

Add E-commerce to Any Website

Manage your orders, contact customers, track sales trends, and more

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