ASP.NET was developed by Microsoft and is used to create web pages and web technologies. It is an extremely useful tool for developers and programmers because it allows them to deliver dynamic, rich web pages and applications. With ASP.NET one can use multiple languages like C#, VB etc. and also development tools.

But then you must think, there are multiple server side technologies and why are we talking about ASP.NET, well, here’s why. Here are a few reasons, why you along with everyone else must consider it for your website:

We all know how safe Microsoft is and hence, ASP.NET is extremely safe and secure due to Windows’ built in authentication and other configurations. If you have you web app on it, you don’t have anything to worry about. The server continuously monitors the application or the website, and in case it notices any loop holes or memory leaks, it restarts making these activities void.

The performance is much superior as compared to other services because it has reduced binding and compilation time. The optimization and caching services make it even better.

ASP.NET reduces amount of coding needed to make huge applications, which makes it a favourite of the developers and programmers. It also comes with a toolbox to design the pages and make them rich and interesting and the editing is quite easy too.

You can play around the with the languages and work with whatever you deem easy. And since, it is a server side languages, it first executes the code and then sends it to the browser. This means that the website has no errors, once it goes up.

The deployment is easy. The coding is simple. The security is great. ASP. NET is a complete package. By the way, it stands for Active Server Pages.