BlackBerry seems to have learned the hard way after the lukewarm response to its high end smart phone PRIV. The company now has plans to launch two mid-range android smart phones in 2016. Although no timeline has been revealed by the company, if the industry hearsay is anything to go by the phones will be launched mid-year around July.

The ambitious launch of the two smart phones is believed to have the potential to change the fortunes of the company. CEO John Chen has also remarked that the company is stressing on India as a major market. The company also plans to expand and rebuild its operations in the market. India is believed to be a willing taker of mid segment mobile phones and thus the launch of the phone in India could truly be a game changer for Black Berry.

While one of the smart phones is believed to feature a touch screen, the other one will have a QWERTY keypad. Among the most immediate reasons that are believed to have prompted the company to launch mid segment mobile phones, is the Priv- disaster that the company had to deal with last year. Priced at a steep price tag of Rs 62,990/- , the phone failed to impress the geeks and the masses alike.

The analysts from the company however have been quick to realize the problem. The company has acknowledged the problem by admitting that the phone was launched at a time when the high end phone market went soft. The company also believed that this was the reason for the lukewarm response to the ambitious Blackberry Passport.

With much brainstorming and improvisation, Blackberry seems to have a sound product and an effective marketing strategy in place. However, it is only for time to tell whether that will suffice or the company will need more than that to make a resurgent come back.