When it comes to marketing a specific brand especially when one talks about Apple, their marketing tactic is crisp, simple and clever. Apple pays attention to creativity and on pure inventive design of their products without all the “glitter”. Since we are on the subject of Apple, the iPhone’s were introduced in 2007, to be exact. Over the last couple of years, the revolutionary design of the phone has remained until date the best so far amongst all the other cell phones in the market.

Apple ran several televisions ads to promote the new iPhone before they decided it was time to introduce it in the market. When the first ad come out, it show cased the phone as the next big thing compared to the iPod. The iPod was the talk of town until now and the iPhone people said was meant to be the new iPod, wait, and it is also a cell phone! The commercials presented and showed people call kinds of features accessible on the iPod and much more. The point I am trying to make is there has never been a device like the iPod that can do so much.

So, let’s say we are watching a movie and in the middle of it all, someone says “Did someone say fish?” The next minute the fingers click on the menu and choose maps and starts looking for restaurants. You say, “Oh, the closest place would be… and you end up with a number of restaurants close to your place. Fingers start dialing the restaurants number on the iPhone.

All the apple phones advertisements right from the very first 4s to the 6 plus now have flaunted the flexibility, the style and the usefulness of the product. What I am trying to say is that, it is not a simple phone; people can use it to watch videos and listen to music.

Apple is smart and clever and no other brand has been able to match up to their standards.