So, among the major developments from the tech world this week, was the 40th birthday celebration of the tech giant “Apple”. Apple, that had its extremely humble beginning in Steve Job’s garage about 40 years ago in 1976, is now a modern-day icon that needs no introduction. Two of the three founders of the company were college drop outs who embarked upon their journey to popularize computers among non-geeks. The traditional computers of the time were strictly for the use of those who understood the technicalities of complex computing software. Apple was the company that came up with the computing technology that provided for action based on clicking icons rather than typing software commands.

Having revolutionized mobile technology, music devices, personal computers and computer tablets, Apple has impacted modern life in a way that no other brand has. The company is truly the most undisputed manufacturer of the most distinct yet user-friendly tech devices that have become a favourite with a large section of technology users across the world. The brand is known for combining sleek and simplistic design with exceptionally innovative technology. What has distinguished Apple from its various contemporaries is the obsessive attention to detail, which many have credited to its founder Steve Jobs.

The Apple iMac G3 machine launched in 1998 is largely touted as the first big commercial success of the company that changed its fortunes overnight. Although the company had also given to the world the revolutionary Apple computer in 1980 and the Macintosh in 1984, none of them had been quite as popular as the iMac. The Mac wrote the future of personal computers across the world. The other breakthrough came with the Apple iPod that was launched in 2001. iPod was an extremely sleek music player that immediately became a cult with users across the world. The product remains popular to this day although the sales have dropped in the last few years owing to new age smart phones that double up as Mp3 players.

Then came the company’s most profitable brainchild ever. The apple iPhone took the mobile world by storm. It was launched in 2007 and there has been no looking back. Next came, the breakthrough ear pod earphones in 2007, the App store in 2008 and the slick tablet iPad in 2010.

All gadgets enjoyed unrivaled success and made Apple the “cult” that it has become.