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Social Media Optimisation vs Social Media Marketing – What you never knew

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers all over the world make is of not understanding what the technical terms really carry behind them. SEO being one of the most common procedures is rarely caught wrongly done but Social......

Here’s Why Hiring a Pro is Better than Managing Your Own SEO campaign

SEO or Search Engine Optimization as we all know is one of the most crucial processes in the promotion of any business or website.

Choosing SEO As a Professional Career

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is undoubtedly on the rise. As more and more businesses are being digitized, visibility in front of the customer base existing online has become somewhat of a crucial issue which is why companies are ready to pay extensively in order to get their business at top. So there comes your … Continue reading "Choosing SEO As a Professional Career"

SEO’s Puzzlement after Google’s Recent Updates

Google in their recent updates confirmed that there is a core ranking algorithm update. They have also told the industry that the Panda Algorithm is a part of the core-ranking algorithm. These updates were announced recently but the news about ‘the panda Algorithm’ is something that studies have shown months ago where as the core … Continue reading "SEO’s Puzzlement after Google’s Recent Updates"

A Real-World Analysis and 6 Misinterpreted SEO Trends for 2016

Let’s have a look at and analyse a good old SEO progress graph above. Had a look? So, does this graph depict perfect SEO efforts or was there still some room for improvement? Are keyword rankings bound to improve over time, the way your potential search engine optimiser claims and promises? The reality is far … Continue reading "A Real-World Analysis and 6 Misinterpreted SEO Trends for 2016"

SEO Trends That Have Been Misinterpreted

There are some persistent myths about SEO that continue to prevent marketers from experiencing success in the quest to obtain high rankings on Google. We’re here to help you see through the misconceptions so you can get on the right path to the first page of Google. Ensure Your Keywords Rank Steadily While you want … Continue reading "SEO Trends That Have Been Misinterpreted"

Redirection via 301 or 404 Not Found?

Recently, Google’s John Mueller discussed the biggest conundrum for eCommerce sites — whether to use 301 Redirects for products that are not available or rather show up a 404 Page Not Found notice. Most experts are divided on this issue. The fact is that there are three chief points that came up. In brief, these … Continue reading "Redirection via 301 or 404 Not Found?"

Change in google’s interface for sponsored ad features: should businesses worry yet?

While the world speculates about the after math, we bring you exactly what you need to know about the development, the effect of the modification on the CPCs and whether businesses should be worried yet.

Catching up on what is new with Google’s Panda Algorithms

Web programmers from various cities were surprised when Google has launched new statements about their Panda algorithm. Google has always been secretive and quite about their search algorithms. Their new comments took everyone by surprise as no one had suspected such results or statements.

Here’s Why SEO is Not DIY

Search Engine Optimization, which is often known as SEO and more frequently confused with SMM and SMO, is the optimization of your website on the search engines! With the right techniques you could be on top of the world and search returns and with the faulty ones, well..blacklisted!

Decoding the Puzzle Called SMO

SMO, the slogan we are so familiar with in the world of internet marketing, has in its recent past, opened new opportunities for business promotion. There has been a lot of talk about SMO and Internet marketing in the last couple of years and if you are thinking about jumping onto the bandwagon, the earlier the better.

Impact of rank brain on Offpage

Google made fascinating yet painful announcements that the company is now relying on the impact of rank brain on off page websites. They feel that it will help monitor the results and make some sort of improvements where needed and come up with their core search algorithm.

An Efficiently Managed PPC Campaign Can Do Wonders for Your Revenues

Creating and maintaining a PPC (Pay per click) campaign for your business or personal website might not be as simple as it sounds. There are certain main techniques needed for running a professional campaign that include implementing the right methods and efficient planning.

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