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Why User Experience Matters in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing holds a lot of potential when it comes to bringing your business a level up, ahead of your competition. But what really drives a good digital marketing campaign is an amazing strategy and focused approach. Companies often make the mistake of getting their marketing outsourced without the thought of taking any note of … Continue reading "Why User Experience Matters in Digital Marketing"

Tricks to eCommerce Domination

The eCommerce industry is all set to cross the 450 billion dollar mark in the year 2018 and needless to say, you and your business do want a chunk of it in the near future. However, it is hard to compete against eCommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart and eBay who have been providing some of … Continue reading "Tricks to eCommerce Domination"

Why Buyer Persona is Important for an Online Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing is all about smart strategies that are going to give you undue advantages over your competitors. And what could be smarter than knowing almost everything about your potential buyers and anticipating their buying patterns. In this age of internet marketing, companies are not shying away from using demographics to get the results but … Continue reading "Why Buyer Persona is Important for an Online Marketing Strategy"

How To Manage Global Digital Marketing?

Marketing itself is one tricky campaign that requires strategic decisions beyond imagination, if you are looking to climb to the top of the ladder. But managing a global digital marketing campaign all over the world, is way tougher and extensive as compared to what you would have ever done till now. Imagine sending hundreds, may … Continue reading "How To Manage Global Digital Marketing?"

Facebook vs Snapchat

Never before has there been a Cold War like situation in the 21st century until Facebook and Snapchat locked their horns to go on head to head in increasing their clients and dominating the social media platforms. Facebook currently stands as the undisputed leader in the social media platforms with a client base all over … Continue reading "Facebook vs Snapchat"

How Facebook Marketing Strategies Can Rock Your Business

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms with over a billion of active members. So it’s probably safe to say that quite a lot of your investors, potential leads and clients are active on Facebook. But are you being able to utilize the Facebook with appropriate strategies to effectively increase the scope … Continue reading "How Facebook Marketing Strategies Can Rock Your Business"

Design and Code the Apple Store with Latest Technology and Software

It comes as no surprise that there are over 7 billion mobile devices in the world today, way more than the population of the world which does say that people have more than one mobile devices. Combining the App stores of the two major OS Android and Apple, we have over 3 million apps or … Continue reading "Design and Code the Apple Store with Latest Technology and Software"

How Mobile Technology is Driving the Future of Retail

The retail culture has evolved to a great extent in the past decade and needless to say, it still remains an ever-changing domain. Technology has revolutionized major aspects of our life and retail happens to be one of them. From door to door selling, retail has journeyed through shopping in malls, shopping on call and … Continue reading "How Mobile Technology is Driving the Future of Retail"

How Businesses Can Succeed Through Online Marketing

The online business and marketing industry is an ever evolving one as it has been changing since the very beginning of its introduction. Every now and then, a new modification arises in the procedural set and everything has to be changed or modified to adapt to the new changes. In this ever changing industry, one … Continue reading "How Businesses Can Succeed Through Online Marketing"

Evolution of Ecommerce& Accelerating Growth in India

Technology has revolutionized the shopping and trading experience of customers all over the world, so why should India with a total internet user base of almost half a billion be behind? Even though the conventional shop-based buying is still more preferred, E-Commerce has been adding a whopping 6 million to its potential consumer base every … Continue reading "Evolution of Ecommerce& Accelerating Growth in India"

How to use Broad Match Keywords in Paid Search Campaign

Online marketing and promotion has several of its own ways and to effectively achieve that, you need to know how you can utilize your resources to the best of their potential. Paid search campaigns or Pay per Clicks (the most common paid search campaign) is one of the best ways to boost your business by … Continue reading "How to use Broad Match Keywords in Paid Search Campaign"

Is Marketing and SEO are the Same?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been one of the most common set of techniques that is being adopted by leading companies and businesses for a better visibility and increased sales in the digital realm. Wait, doesn’t that sound like marketing where you need to promote the product with the sole purpose of increasing sales, … Continue reading "Is Marketing and SEO are the Same?"

Right Approach to Avoid Digital Marketing Scams and Outsource

Digital Marketing is undoubtedly an integral part of success of any business in today’s world. Being a business owner requires you to focus on every aspect of your marketing campaign which includes the digital front as well. Digital Marketing undoubtedly is a great boost for the business but for that as well, you need efficiency … Continue reading "Right Approach to Avoid Digital Marketing Scams and Outsource"

Choosing SEO As a Professional Career

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is undoubtedly on the rise. As more and more businesses are being digitized, visibility in front of the customer base existing online has become somewhat of a crucial issue which is why companies are ready to pay extensively in order to get their business at top. So there comes your … Continue reading "Choosing SEO As a Professional Career"

Secure Android Smartphones: BlackBerry

And just when people though that the smart phone race has ended for this Canadian phone super giant, BlackBerry came in with its new selling point that could rock the market – Security and privacy like never before. BlackBerry had a tough time coping with the fact that BlackBerry Messenger was no longer exclusive to … Continue reading "Secure Android Smartphones: BlackBerry"

Tips for Marketing Success on LinkedIn

Marketing yourself or your business on LinkedIn is one of the best opportunities for you to stay ahead of your competitors and take things a notch higher by engaging your clients and investors at the same time by showcasing your remarkable experience and track record. However, marketing on LinkedIn requires a certain essence of expertise … Continue reading "Tips for Marketing Success on LinkedIn"

The What and Why for Social Media Marketing

With the corporate realm establishing itself in the digital era, we come across several businesses that are facing issues in marketing and promoting their business with traditional and conventional techniques. Well, Social Media marketing has undoubtedly changed the very game of doing business which is why the brands you never knew about before are among … Continue reading "The What and Why for Social Media Marketing"

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