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Graphic Designing Is Much More That You Think!

It is extremely important to communicate with your clients and to get your services or products across! More than real talking or through printed data; visual communication is something that sticks around for longer. Now that is what a graphic designing professional or company will do for you.

The Big Bang Theory Of the Apple iPhone

History of iPhone goes back to around 2004 when Steve Jobs headed a secretive project called the ‘Project Purple’. The iPhone 6s and SE, have come a long way from there. Here's a throwback to the iPhone's history.

PrestaShop And Why You Will Love It!

PrestaShop has gained many users and followers thanks to their convenient shopping carts and gorgeous templates. It is a user friendly and flexible shopping cart software which can be used by almost everyone.

Data Analytics: the new top paying career in India

Data analytics has taken over the traditional techniques of digital surveying. With analytics being used in everything from advertising to presidential campaigns, the importance of data analytics cannot be suppressed in policy making and in deciding the way forward in modern day enterprises.

Responsive Website Design is What Everyone is Using

Web design has developed massively in the course of recent years, and companies are always searching for better approaches to make sites more easy to understand and navigate.

Keep These in Mind, When Designing a Logo!

Logos are a critical aspect of any business. It acts as a graphical representation and can make or break the company’s brand and reputation. For instance, you see a big yellow ‘M’ and you immediately think of Mc Donalds or Nike’s swoosh will clearly indicate what is in store, literally!

India the new start up "incubator"; or sitting on the start up bubble?

Recent studies have suggested that India is the birthplace for the maximum number of tech start ups across the world surpasses only by the United States of America. It may also be interesting to mention that as many as 70 percent of all American tech based start ups are owned by Indians.

Minimalist Web Design : A Caricature of Art and Ideas

One of the most important decisions that you take as a web designer is the template that you select for a website. Before you nosedive into the myriad of theatrical and over the top web design templates, you might want to consider simplistic and minimalist web design for the website. Website design is more than just creating visuals that are engaging and aestehtic.

Do More by Doing less ; Helpchat , the personal assistant App

Ever wondered how different life could be if you had a personal assistant at your beck and call?Someone who finds out the best online deals for you, finds out local doctors, and books appointments for you, gets your laundry picked up from home and do much more.

Opt For Drupal And Why!

You need a website which you can easily edit from the backend without mulling over a code? You have been using Joomla and WordPress and think that it cannot get easier? Well, it can!

Why Must You Use ASP.NET?

ASP.NET was developed by Microsoft and is used to create web pages and web technologies. It is an extremely useful tool for developers and programmers because it allows them to deliver dynamic, rich web pages and applications. With ASP.NET one can use multiple languages like C#, VB etc. and also development tools.

OpenCart Shopping Baskets Are The Best!

In the present times of profound rivalry, online traders are searching for something novel for their eCommerce sites. Everything seems to have been done by someone else, already!

Change in google’s interface for sponsored ad features: should businesses worry yet?

While the world speculates about the after math, we bring you exactly what you need to know about the development, the effect of the modification on the CPCs and whether businesses should be worried yet.

Catching up on what is new with Google’s Panda Algorithms

Web programmers from various cities were surprised when Google has launched new statements about their Panda algorithm. Google has always been secretive and quite about their search algorithms. Their new comments took everyone by surprise as no one had suspected such results or statements.

MySQL or Your SQL!

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a programming language which was designed for managing data held in RDBMS or for stream processing in RDSMS. It is an open source software where you can retrieve, insert, and play around with the data without much modifications.

Website And Its Analysis

Your website is up and running. Things are looking good. The sun is shining bright. You are waiting for customers to show up at your e-commerce website and start your day. You have everything the customer wants.

To WordPress Or Not To WordPress!

Numerous individuals are aware of WordPress, however don't comprehend the full capacities of the framework. The vast majority believe that WordPress is space for blogging and blogging alone!

Don’t Make These SMM Mistakes!

SMM is part of the new internet ‘lingo’ and it looks like it is here to stay! And why would it not? SMM is an acronym for Social Media Marketing which involves advertising and promoting on the social media, yes, the same place where we (and your target audience) spend most of our time.

Here’s Why SEO is Not DIY

Search Engine Optimization, which is often known as SEO and more frequently confused with SMM and SMO, is the optimization of your website on the search engines! With the right techniques you could be on top of the world and search returns and with the faulty ones, well..blacklisted!

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