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Here’s Why You Should Move to Magento 2.0

Speculations and rumours have surrounded the newer and the more advanced version of Magento for quite some time now. Even though it was quite talked about, the wait seemed almost too long until Allan McGregor himself announced that the newer version – Magento 2.0 – would be worth the wait. And when the time passed, … Continue reading "Here’s Why You Should Move to Magento 2.0"

Best Practices for Responsive Web Design

With more and more internet users browsing the web from their smartphones and tablets, it is crucial for websites to look great on all types of desktop and mobile devices. Responsive web design is now a key component in any successful web marketing strategy, and these are some of the important considerations that will ensure … Continue reading "Best Practices for Responsive Web Design"

Responsive Website Design is What Everyone is Using

Web design has developed massively in the course of recent years, and companies are always searching for better approaches to make sites more easy to understand and navigate.

Minimalist Web Design : A Caricature of Art and Ideas

One of the most important decisions that you take as a web designer is the template that you select for a website. Before you nosedive into the myriad of theatrical and over the top web design templates, you might want to consider simplistic and minimalist web design for the website. Website design is more than just creating visuals that are engaging and aestehtic.

Do More by Doing less ; Helpchat , the personal assistant App

Ever wondered how different life could be if you had a personal assistant at your beck and call?Someone who finds out the best online deals for you, finds out local doctors, and books appointments for you, gets your laundry picked up from home and do much more.

Opt For Drupal And Why!

You need a website which you can easily edit from the backend without mulling over a code? You have been using Joomla and WordPress and think that it cannot get easier? Well, it can!


We all lead busy lives especially when it comes to work. Work life is a completely different world, or as one would put in simply “a different ball game all together”. In the business world or work life, sales calls, meeting and a number of other things keep us away from our desks and away from our computers.

All’s Well That’s On Magento!

There is a website for every possible thing today on the internet. So much so, I am sure that there will be an everything-dot-com too! I know, it’s no surprise, but what I am trying to say here is, it is not enough to have a website, anymore. You need to sell something? You need to buy something? You need to get married? Heck yeah, you NEED a website, and a bloody good one at that!

E-Commerce Developer Leading Your Online Business to Success

Do you think that in previous generation, there is any type of electronic medium or we can say electronic device? No, people were used to transfer their views by letters etc. However, now we can say that Wow its great opportunity for this generation to share their business online. The technology that is used in today’s era for communication medium is E-Commerce.

Web Designing Needs Aesthetic Visuals, And We Add the Flavour of Intuitiveness to it!

It isn't enough to merely get a web presence for your business. In this age of hyperactive competitors, you need more than websites that are just focused on the aesthetics. Your web page should be a power-packed cocktail of captivating visuals and high functionality.

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