So, Apple has made it pretty clear with the preceding iPad tablets including the predecessor IPad 2 that sleek design and a no fuss pebble smooth finish is the signature design of iPad. With the same visuals as iPad 2, it is only natural to wonder what is so different about this one after all. So is the new iPad pro9.7 something to look out for or just “more steam, less substance”?

Take a look at these attributes and decide yourself.

Screen: Although there has been no change in the resolution of the screen, the new breakthrough feature is the Apple Pencil support for drawing. The screen is much brighter and has been improvised to reflect less than its predecessor. With the same pixel density, the pencil support feature for drawing really makes all the difference.

With the improved glare, the new iPad is now much more functional. You can take it outdoors in the bright sun and your work now will not just be restricted to indoors.

Display: As soon as you get your hands on the iPad pro 9.7, perhaps the most prominent thing that you are likely to notice is the enhanced colour saturation. Apple has introduces the P3 colour gamut with this tablet and the visuals are just amazing.

True tone: this new innovative feature adjusts to the lights in the ambience and will immediately adapt to the colour and intensity of light in your environment.

Sound: Although the tablet has made waves with its other features, it has failed to impress many people with its sound feature. Yet, the four corner speakers give out a louder sound with greater bass making the entire experience more cinematic.