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Secure Android Smartphones: BlackBerry

And just when people though that the smart phone race has ended for this Canadian phone super giant, BlackBerry came in with its new selling point that could rock the market – Security and privacy like never before. BlackBerry had a tough time coping with the fact that BlackBerry Messenger was no longer exclusive to … Continue reading "Secure Android Smartphones: BlackBerry"

Future of Blackberry Is Much More Interesting and Thrilling Than You Can Imagine

Destiny and Obscurity has reached new a pinnacle ever since Blackberry has introduced its new earnings last week for April. Blackberry has always had its soft and steady doomsday creeping up but sharply rejecting its sales turned that humdrum into a full-blown chorus. Blackberry has come and gone! No one wants it anyone more…. They … Continue reading "Future of Blackberry Is Much More Interesting and Thrilling Than You Can Imagine"

Blackberry Planning to Launch 2 Mid-Range Android SmartPhones

BlackBerry seems to have learned the hard way after the lukewarm response to its high end smart phone PRIV. The company now has plans to launch two mid-range android smart phones in 2016. Although no timeline has been revealed by the company, if the industry hearsay is anything to go by the phones will be … Continue reading "Blackberry Planning to Launch 2 Mid-Range Android SmartPhones"

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