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The Sudden Rise and Impact of Graphic Design

As time as gone by, technology has brought us to a platform where all of us are disconnecting ourselves with the previously recognised ‘died in the wool’ way of getting things done and entering a world where new concepts, ideas and formats multiply, flourish and nothing changes it. You can always get more. Everything is … Continue reading "The Sudden Rise and Impact of Graphic Design"

Graphic Designing Is Much More That You Think!

It is extremely important to communicate with your clients and to get your services or products across! More than real talking or through printed data; visual communication is something that sticks around for longer. Now that is what a graphic designing professional or company will do for you.

Keep These in Mind, When Designing a Logo!

Logos are a critical aspect of any business. It acts as a graphical representation and can make or break the company’s brand and reputation. For instance, you see a big yellow ‘M’ and you immediately think of Mc Donalds or Nike’s swoosh will clearly indicate what is in store, literally!

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