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Importance of Efficient Content Writing

It is no news that when it comes to branding, marketing and promotion of a website or business in the digital world, all one can think of is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media Optimisation vs Social Media Marketing – What you never knew

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers all over the world make is of not understanding what the technical terms really carry behind them. SEO being one of the most common procedures is rarely caught wrongly done but Social......

Content marketers need to know about SEO?

Content marketing and SEO have always been considered as two different techniques whereas the truth is; SEO is all about content marketing and vice versa. Yes, the two processes go hand in hand. The days are gone when these used to be two absolutely different disciplines as now; it is next to impossible to practice … Continue reading "Content marketers need to know about SEO?"

Choosing SEO As a Professional Career

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is undoubtedly on the rise. As more and more businesses are being digitized, visibility in front of the customer base existing online has become somewhat of a crucial issue which is why companies are ready to pay extensively in order to get their business at top. So there comes your … Continue reading "Choosing SEO As a Professional Career"

SMO – The Ultimate Game in Marketing a Brand on a Large Platform

SMO is known as social media optimization is one of the most common ways of attracting traffic to a website to promote a business’s products and services. As times have changed, people are spending a lot of time on social networking sites, which helps increase traffic. It is one of the biggest benefits of promoting … Continue reading "SMO – The Ultimate Game in Marketing a Brand on a Large Platform"

Change in google’s interface for sponsored ad features: should businesses worry yet?

While the world speculates about the after math, we bring you exactly what you need to know about the development, the effect of the modification on the CPCs and whether businesses should be worried yet.

Here’s Why SEO is Not DIY

Search Engine Optimization, which is often known as SEO and more frequently confused with SMM and SMO, is the optimization of your website on the search engines! With the right techniques you could be on top of the world and search returns and with the faulty ones, well..blacklisted!

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