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Here’s How Modern Marketeers Allocate Budget for a Marketing Strategy that Converts

Is a precisely crafted marketing strategy relevant enough for businesses? Let’s take the case of two SMBs in this regard: Firm A: Adheres to high standards of service quality and has a great track record of potential customer conversion and client retention. Firm B: Similar levels of service quality; yet, struggling with target group identification, customer acquisition, … Continue reading "Here’s How Modern Marketeers Allocate Budget for a Marketing Strategy that Converts"

eCommerce Website: Why is Blogging Essential for Traffic?

It’s extremely significant for any eCommerce website to generate traffic. The amount of revenue that your website generates, after all, is dependent on the number of users that visit the website and the conversion. The eCommerce domain and specifically the sector of consumer goods is always fiercely fought over. It’s about grabbing the customers’ attention … Continue reading "eCommerce Website: Why is Blogging Essential for Traffic?"

Austerity Cuts for StartUps Like Flipkart, Snapdeal & OLA

Investment major “Softbank” cautions the startups against throwing away money in their bid to expand operations, but will the spendthrift startups mend their ways? There has been much talk about how start-ups make their money; how they look at repaying the capital funds that they receive when most of them are not even generating revenues … Continue reading "Austerity Cuts for StartUps Like Flipkart, Snapdeal & OLA"

Apple Turns 40. Here are the Hits n Misses.

So, among the major developments from the tech world this week was the 40th birthday celebration of the tech giant “Apple”.

The Big Bang Theory Of the Apple iPhone

History of iPhone goes back to around 2004 when Steve Jobs headed a secretive project called the ‘Project Purple’. The iPhone 6s and SE, have come a long way from there. Here's a throwback to the iPhone's history.

Data Analytics: the new top paying career in India

Data analytics has taken over the traditional techniques of digital surveying. With analytics being used in everything from advertising to presidential campaigns, the importance of data analytics cannot be suppressed in policy making and in deciding the way forward in modern day enterprises.

India the new start up "incubator"; or sitting on the start up bubble?

Recent studies have suggested that India is the birthplace for the maximum number of tech start ups across the world surpasses only by the United States of America. It may also be interesting to mention that as many as 70 percent of all American tech based start ups are owned by Indians.

Change in google’s interface for sponsored ad features: should businesses worry yet?

While the world speculates about the after math, we bring you exactly what you need to know about the development, the effect of the modification on the CPCs and whether businesses should be worried yet.

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