It was several weeks ago, Google came out with the most shocking earning and its managers could not stop taking about the business’s investments in artificial intelligence and apparatus learning.

For any company that would be a complete distraction from its core business. Google combined the two topics. Artificial intelligence sits on the far end of the machine learning which people create software’s that can learn about what is happening around the world. Google is the largest sponsors of artificial intelligence. It has put in a lot of money for things like videos, speech and translation.

Over the past several weeks, a large portion of the millions of questions a second that people type into the search box on the company’s page has been changed by the artificial intelligence machine, which has been called Rank Brain.

Google is a lot smarter than we thought! It is capable of doing a lot more than maybe any robot or even our own brains can do!!

Rank brain uses artificial intelligence to implant huge amounts of languages into mathematical units called vectors. Well, this is something that a computer can comprehend.

If Rank Brain is a little confused or not familiar with a word or sentence, then the machine comes up with several guesses as to what the answer could be. Well search is the heart of Google and Machine learning is not just any magic syrup that one can imbibe into their systems within minutes.Google is something ain’t it? Don’t be fooled by the master that knows much more than the human mind.