Destiny and Obscurity has reached new a pinnacle ever since Blackberry has introduced its new earnings last week for April. Blackberry has always had its soft and steady doomsday creeping up but sharply rejecting its sales turned that humdrum into a full-blown chorus. Blackberry has come and gone! No one wants it anyone more…. They have moved on its competition “Apple’s iPhone”

Not really….

Many in the reports have made the “highest point of blackberry” claim, good or bad. I mean it, every time. Blackberry until date remains one the best phones of all times. It has been proven with their latest design, the blackberry priv. Things look good for them, as they have continued to work hard and prove themselves each year with some of the best designs. Yes, they did struggle for a bit in the middle but having said that, it did not stop them from coming back to the top.

If I had to choose from apple or blackberry, it would be difficult to choose, as they are both great phones. However, if I had to be stubborn and selfish, I would say, “I am a blackberry girl any day” I know that the market and the reviews say apple is the best, I choose to differ and stick to my lucky charm, blackberry.