Ever wondered how different life could be if you had a personal assistant at your beck and call?

Someone who finds out the best online deals for you, finds out local doctors, and books appointments for you, gets your laundry picked up from home and do much more.

Getting a personal assistant can change your life in more ways than you know. Before you let yourself get discouraged by your limited means, you should take a look at Helpchat, the free personal assistant app.

Book doctor’s appointment, find the best deals and book movie tickets:
The helpchat app from Coraza Technologies is what every urban dweller needs. The fast paced city life leaves little time for the small things you enjoy, like the casual stroll in the park, reading the book you bought from the bookstore but never found the time to read. From the moment you wake up you find yourself juggling between countless first world chores from booking cabs to getting your laundry picked up to recharging your phone to ordering lunch. The list of tasks at hand is enormous. You can now download the helpchat app which allows you to go about your routine tasks all on the same UI.

Recharge your phone, DTH and pay your postpaid mobile bill:

You can book cabs, recharge your mobile phone and DTH card, order laundry to get picked up from your home, book movie tickets, find the best offers on online shopping, find the best deals around, order food, compare between mobile phones, place an order for home beauty services and do much more.

Still not convinced? The app has an API integration with both “ OLA” and “ UBER” Yes you heard that right:

How many other apps do you know about that have the OLA and Uber API on their UI. There are none other than help chat that have the OLA or the Uber API on their UI, leave alone both.

With a commendable rating of 4+ on the google play store, you can be absolutely sure that the app is exactly what is promises to be and much more.

The app provides you with cab options from OLA and UBER. The options are sorted by the “cheapest” by default. You can even change the sorting to “nearest” instead of “cheapest” from the “settings” to find the nearest cabs. The app uses google places and the geofencing technology to detect the user’s present location and instantly provides the nearest cab options.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself how you can ask the personal assistant app to find out the best offers for you or book a doctor’s appointment or get you a cab or compare between two mobile phones. You can even ask for a quick home remedy to treat suntan. The application has a back end team of professionals who attend to all your queries over the chat process. The back end professionals seem knowledgeable and courteous and attend to all your queries with the utmost zeal. In short, the helpchat app from Coraza Technologies is definitely worth a try.