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Enterprise Relationship


If your are in need of Enterprise Relationship Management Software, then DhruvSoft Technology shall be more than happy to utilise its army of experts to get the job done just when you need it! When we talk about enterprise Relationship Management, it means we are talking about a B2B (Business to Business) or B2C solution (Business to Customer). This goes above and beyond just Customer Relationship, and takes into account the management of all other aspects as well.

Your Relations, Perfected By Our Software!

There are several Network-enabled processes and activities that enhance and nurture the relationships within an organisation, and also connections that go well outside the framework of the organisation in question. The Enterprise Relationship Management Software that we design, helps in realising the potential of these connections, and streamline the flow of information between them. Thus, our clients can leverage current and future opportunities, and maximize the management of connections between internal and/or external constituencies. Inter-enterprise Relationships are becoming significant by the day, and come into play even in M&As. In fact, you need an efficient implementation of Enterprise Relationship Management Software more so than ever!

ERP Software And ERP Systems, We Handle It All!

When it comes to Business Management, we also develop ERP Software (Enterprise Resource Planning) for managing various aspects of your business. Whether it be the management of Sales and Marketing, or Inventory Management, our streamlined services help in keeping all your numbers and workflows in sync. Any ERP System can have multiple modules, and we design the system such that all the applications share the same common database. This helps in operating the ERP System in real time, without the need for updation. DhruvSoft also believes that the look and feel of all the software that we design should be consistent, to aid in simplicity and ease of use.

Consistency Is Our Mantra

Be it the consistency in the software that we design and develop, or the data that has to be handled, we believe that it is extremely important for our clients to get a seamless experience. The Enterprise Relationship Management Software has to deal with sophisticated data management, and hence we are in constant touch with our clients to get things done without any hindrances whatsoever. Bring in your requirements to DhruvSoft Technology, and let us take care of the fine details. Rest assured, we deliver quality work, and our existing clientele is testimony to this fact! leveraging of network-enabled processes and activities to transform the relationships between the organization and all its internal and external constituencies in order to maximize current and future opportunities.