When it comes to affordable Website Development in Manchester, Birmingham, and Manchester; DhruvSoft Technology is a name entrusted with challenging projects.
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About Us

About dhruvsoft technology

When we began 4 years ago, we were a group of geeky individuals providing designing and development services in a limited number of domains. But with time, we gained expertise and started offering our services in multiple domains. Whether you are seeking Web designers and developers for a helping hand so as to build your own website, or Content Marketers and SEO Analysts to drive visibility forward, we’ve got you covered. One of our top priorities is to give you cost-effective solutions, and at the same time, our Web designers also strive for accuracy in implementation. When you join hands with us, you are assured of the best service and unmatched efficiency. We know that the ultimate goal for any business is to earn profits. But in today’s world, the only thing that drives any firm forward, is the will for perfection. But if you ask us whether it’s really that big a headache to work hard, our team will answer in unison with a ‘nay!’. This is so because of the passion that all of us share – a passion that compels us to work hard and play even harder! The latest technologies, platform updates, innovations fresh out of the oven, and even literature – we love the work we do and the heated discussions that accompany it.

Our Management Team

Owner and Sales Specialist

Priyanka's control to the company’s strategic planning and operations allowed her to understand the different facets of client amd management. Having an innate knack for coordination among people and things, and a can-do attitude towards tasks she takes on her plate, she’s been an Data Analyst Head earlier on in her career.

Her successful projects are proof of the attention she devotes herself into with the accounts that she owns. She may be considered a young professional, but she already had the skills and understanding long before tackling client-interfacing projects which makes her most competitive Digital Strategists in the team.

Solution Specialist and Project Managment

Abhishek is the solution specialist and project managment expert at Dhruvsoft technology. At heart, abhishek is a problem solver and thinker who likes to get things done. He is also IT Specialist and Subject Matter Expert highly skilled in multiple areas like developement of intranets with clients like ara france and big clients like hasbro while working With IBM , SME in Rest base Webservices , angular Js, administration, performance tuning, programming and deployments.

He is focused on Java application ,Portal Experience, java platforms like Hybris,swings ,database like msql, DB2 and has almost 10 years of experience. abhishek is an IBM Certified developer for all versions of webSphere Portal and ibm web content management while working with IBM, Abhishek has published multiple developerWorks articles and IBM Redbooks related to IBM websphere , webservices using REST APIS ,DB2 . He is a regular speaker at events in IBM , abhishek is also a Certified IT Specialist with The Open source technologies like Magento , Drupal , wordpress and a lead developer of the National Informatics center ( the goverenment unit in india).

Our mantra: Transparency and Efficiency

Our approach towards a project is as customer-centric as you can probably ask for. Any effort that we put-in towards getting the job done, is accompanied with a great deal of analysation and constant communication with the client. Every step of our working procedure is shared with our client so that we can get feedback and work towards meeting their expectations. Whether it be the part where we analyze our client’s requirement-specification documents, or the brainstorming sessions that we go through — our methodology is designed towards implementing the workflow accurately to meet our client’s needs.
The Web designers that work with us, adhere to a level of transparency that helps in making the whole process extremely streamlined and customer-friendly. We also keep in touch with our clients through regular phone calls, which helps us in meeting the deadlines and in delivering the products on time, coupled with unmatched efficiency.

We Don’t Just Work, We Strive.

A Cost-Effective MechanismYes, quality does not always have to come at a premium! We have a name for providing exceptionally cost-effective solutions so that you can build your own website with nimble financial footprints. Our clients get awesome Websites without incurring exorbitant costs.
Join hands with us now, and tap newer avenues of growth for your business!