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Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Website Analysis for checking performance is an extremely significant procedure meant to weigh-in your online presence and determine the efficiency of all your tools and SEO. Web Analytics is extremely important if you would like to assess the tools and put in the extra effort for better performance of your Website. Yes it is complicated, and yes quite a few algorithms have to be determined to do that — but it’s something we are extremely capable at!

Website Analysis: Essential for Identifying Niggles

Website Analysis has its own significance if you really want to assess the popularity and performance of your website. Various tools used in Web Analytics can help you in knowing the amount of traffic that you are getting from different sources. Hence you can identify the non-performing ‘assets’ and look for ways to fix them. Don’t know which pages on your website are getting the majority of the traffic? We can help in identifying those. This also helps in SEO Analysis for the content as you can then know what content from your website is popular amongst end-users. The web pages which have the least traffic can also be hence identified so that you can work on improving their popularity.
Web Analytics can determine the number of visitors that your website has, how many unique visitors your site gets, from where they came to your website, what keywords they searched within the site’s search engine, for what duration did they stay on a specific webpage or on the entire website, and other in-depth data.

Website Optimisation

Website Optimisation is something that has to be taken care of even after taking a look at your Web Analytics. Depending upon the type of Web Analytics involved, that is, On-site or off-site, the SEO Analysis has to be taken into consideration and then the Website Optimisation has to be done accordingly. There are numerous aspects of your website traffic that has to be analysed before web analytics is complete. And, you can then work on Website Optimisation to get preferential treatment on various search engines. Optimising your Website will also help in making the user-experience better.

DhruvSoft Knows the Rules

If you are looking to make you website more popular by strengthening SEO, analysis of its core strengths and weaknesses is first thing that you should do. We can help your site get the popularity it needs by taking care of Web Analytics and SEO Analysis. Same goes for Website Optimisation as well, and you can hand over the task to us so that we can work on making it nimble and streamlined.