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Event Management


There are some important events for certain businesses and individuals alike, that require extensive pre-planning. And you just can’t be cautious enough to make it a resounding success. If you would like to simplify the whole experience and make the planning a lot easier, you have come to the right place! There are several Event Management Software that can help you in making your event a success, and your planning flawless. And were you told that we, at Dhruvsoft, are experts in Event Management Software?

Our Management Software Simplify Planning

It all starts with a customised event website which is created firsthand. After that, we focus on the venue selection and then the online registration for the delegates or attendees is done. And from there, all the succeeding steps are taken care of as well. Whether it be a professional event, or a delegates’ meeting, or even a conference -- our custom management software can take care of all that and more! Other than the creation of the website, venue selection, and online registration, the software can also work on procurement of resources and location, and then the Request for Proposal. The floor planning and booking is another aspect that our software then takes care of.

Event Or Project Management Software

The same goes for Project Management Software as well. There are certain Projects which are highly anticipated and hence require a level of efficiency that can only be achieved if the strategy is in place well before time. And for that, we can design custom software for you that will handle all the virtual nitty gritties. You can get powerful scheduling tools which aid you in setting up the deadlines and project methodology step by step. These schedules can be either sophisticated or simplistic depending on the details that they have to handle. Our Project Management Software are developed based on the exact requirements of our clients, and can be single user, collaborative, personal, or whichever can fulfill their needs. There is a centralised document management repository which can be used for access from members of the project, or the managers in case of Event Management Software.

Event Management In London? We Can Help!

DhruvSoft Technology is among the most competitive Events Management Companies in London with a decade of experience behind us. We are known for our work which has set new standards for the industry, and the positive feedback from our clients is testimony to that fact! Whether you are looking for Event Management in London or in any other region of UK, we are here to help! Our cost-effective solutions are always there to help you in managing your next event or project!