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IBM – WebSphere

IBM – WebSphere

When it comes to enterprise-based solutions, IBM Websphere is a name that the industry trusts. It has multiple tools for Businesses which are based on open standards like J2EE and Eclipse, and share similar models for installation, administration, security, etc. DhruvSoft Technology can help you integrate various IBM Websphere tools into your business and develop custom applications as well. With 10 years’ worth of experience in the Web and Software domain, we know what’s best for your business, and IBM Websphere is one such enterprise solution with multiple tools.

Multiple Platforms, Multiple Usage Scenarios

Whether it be a Simplistic or a complex Business process, the management in both of these types of implementations can be extremely simplified with the help of IBM Websphere. Once we integrate IBM Websphere to your business, you can use it to simplify various business processes depending upon your role in the business. With several tools within IBM Websphere, you can get custom applications developed specifically for IBM Websphere software. This is extremely helpful if you want to have a more streamlined integration within your business for various applications. With dynamic and efficiently connected business processes, it has a middleware infrastructure that can run enterprise-wide web applications and cross-platform solutions.

IBM WebSphere MQ – Program to Program Communication, Simplified

IBM WebSphere MQ or Message Queue, is an enterprise solution by IBM for standard, program-to-program messaging across multiple platforms. Several businesses have integrated Websphere MQ into their application framework so as to allow for easy communication amongst various applications within the framework. Sometimes also referred to as Message Oriented Middleware, IBM Websphere MQ integrates into enterprise solutions and aids in the exchange of information between multiple systems, services, and applications, regardless of the platform. It sends and receives message data via queues. Whether it be the Internet of things or mobile devices, IBM Websphere MQ is designed to cater to enterprise as a whole.

WebSphere Application, Built for You!

If you need a custom application to run on IBM Websphere, or integration of Websphere into your business, DhruvSoft Technology can help! We can build you robust applications compliant with all security standards, and designed to meet your specific needs. We assure a tight integration into your business processes and develop any application for the software based on your feedback and requirements.
Trust DhruvSoft Technology to deliver IBM-Websphere based solutions tailored to your business requirements, and customised to your needs.