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HRMS Softwares


Our smart HR Management Software and other solutions help companies in the upkeep of the employee data and management of other aspects related to a workplace. Our custom HR Software can help in monitoring various aspects of the employee data in a statistical manner. At DhruvSoft, we strive to simplify your office and help in management of related statistics in a smarter, neater manner.

Let Our Recruitment Database Software Take Over!

The Recruitment Database software tracks all the newly recruited employees and then manages their data accordingly. Whether you want to strategically manage your employees’ training, or you want to monitor the salary structure for various branches, DhruvSoft Technology is there to help you in achieving exactly the monitoring and HR management tools that you want for your workplace. Every new employee added to the system is assigned a new code using a Dynamic Employee Code Creation System. This helps in management of individual employee information on the official details page which can show his/her department, date of confirmation, retirement, hierarchical info, etc.

Human Resources Software Tailored To Your Needs

confirmation, retirement, hierarchical info, etc. There are numerous other aspects related to employee monitoring and analysis, that are made extremely convenient. HR Software let you manage the employees’ payrolls, and even take care of various other analytics for succession planning. Not just that, the recruitment and applicant tracking is another aspect that can be taken care of using our customised human resource software. Whether it be identification or other biometrics data that has to be taken care of using our software, we know what you need and hence design the software based on your continuous feedback. The HR Software have an automated system to manage all salary cuts, suspensions, disciplinary action, and other such data for each specific employee. There are various options within the system which store the past work experience and other such details like Academic qualifications. Our HR Management Software manages all the Attendance related details with great precision. Any leaves that have to be adjusted within the system, or any overtime and other such random tweaks that have to be applied into the system, are also automatically taken into the consideration.