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Travel Management


Travel Management Software are getting popular day by day, and if you want the competitive edge, DhruvSoft Technology can get you exactly what you want. Whether it is corporate travel management or travel agent software, we design custom software which can take care of all your requirements. Whether you are a corporate player looking for corporate travel management or a travel agent looking for simple ways to manage all aspects of your business, we can help!

Travel Software For Corporate Clients And Others Alike

Your requirements can be demanding, and we know that. Several new players enter the Tours and Travels industry every passing day. The requirements of these clients are extremely complicated as they have to manage all aspects of the data in real-time. Be it flight bookings, or hotel and accommodation -- a lot of billing and specifics are involved for the customers, and that’s exactly what we simplify using our software. There are several clients who own standalone holiday destinations, and want to gain a foothold online. They have to take care of all aspects for travellers. Right from managing the bookings done for specific dates, to the management of accommodation at the destination, to compensating the time, date and costs for them. All these things have to be taken care of on the client-end, and hence require detailed schematics to keep tabs on all the data being dealt with. The travel management software we design and develop, takes care of all these aspects in a simplistic way, while giving you a bird’s eye view of everything.

Travel Agent Software

There are various things that a travel management software has to take into consideration. These include the actual travel, but there are other essential things that have to be taken into consideration as well. The accommodation, for example, is something that is totally dependent on the client’s requirement. For Corporate travel, the accommodation has to take care of all the delegates in attendance and keep the hierarchy in check. But personal travel, like one being taken care of by a travel agent or a small company, is one which has to deal with small, personal type of accommodation. Same goes for the ticket bookings as well, and hence the software is customised based on your needs. We at DhruvSoft are known for the quality work that we do in a cost-effective manner. We follow strict deadlines and there is a level of efficiency that is exemplified by the work that we do. Take our hand, to make your travel fun, and your holiday business bloom.