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CRM Management


Designed to act as a link between our clients and their valuable customers, Customer Relationship Management Software come to your aid when customers are trying to reach out to you. DhruvSoft Technology has been part of numerous projects which required the creation of Customer Service Software. We are aware of the fact that Customer Relations affect your reputation. It is this reason that we apply extreme care so that our Software are glitch-free and function with a level of smoothness that is expected of any CRM System.

Customer Service Software Designed To Satisfy

The CRM System (Customer Relationship Management System) designed by us, are built based on your requirement, but to be honest, are not centred around you! Rather, we design the software centred around your customers, so that all your existing and potential customers have an experience they can’t complain about. Thus, the management of all your Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Technical Support is done by an automated system. This system also synchronizes the functioning between the aforementioned workflows, thereby helping in a streamlined workflow amongst them.

Let Us Help You Help Your Customers!

There are several services that a CRM Software needs to have, and several specific requirements it needs to fulfill. We care for the end-users of our clients, and hence follow a methodology for Software design that chiefly aims for two things -- identification of the problem that the customer is facing, and identification of the solution that will resolve the issue and satisfy the customer as well. Tight integration with your system, and coordination across departments, are two elementarily significant aspects of our CRM Software Solutions. Some of our clients also require native support for Mobile devices, and even DhruvSoft believes that it is essential these days if your Sales and CRM teams have to perform as efficiently as you wish them to.

Integrated Tools To Make Your CRM System Full-Proof

There are several intuitive tools that we design for specific workplace scenarios. Tight Email integration is one thing that makes the whole process of responding to Customers’ woes time efficient. Collaboration among different members of your team is also taken care of so as the sharing of information amongst them is easier. Another underrated aspect of customer management is effective follow-up automation. We can design software for you that will automatically aid in getting back to a disgruntled customer in case his/her issue has not been resolved yet. DhruvSoft Technology has been known to provide Software Solutions for clients that are feature-rich yet nimble, client-centric yet cost-effective. And we don’t brag, we simply deliver!