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Mobile Seo

This is the Era of Mobile SEO

The penetration of smartphones to even the remotest areas globally has revolutionized the way analytics for any website is done. Whether it be the Marketing companies in London, or in any other part of the world, Mobile SEO is fast becoming more and more relevant than ever before. We at DhruvSoft Technology are a Mobile SEO company which gives Mobile SEO the standalone relevance it needs.

Factors that a Mobile SEO Company has to Consider

Mobile SEO isn’t just about designing your Web Page and taking care of the your content. Most search engines these days also rank websites based on how appropriate they are for browsing from a Mobile. The increased popularity of the touch-screens have also made it extremely important to make your website as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Same goes for the screen resolutions. More screen resolution on modern Mobile devices means that you can fit more content on the screen, and also have to take care of your content to make it as enticing and eye-pleasing as possible without making the website too heavy. Striking a balance between eye-candy and the load-times for the web pages is significant if you are focusing on Mobile SEO. It’s all about making the experience as convenient as possible for the end-users.

Balance is the Key for any Mobile SEO Company

While the portability of any website is something that can’t be overlooked, it is also important that the website doesn’t look ‘bland’, so to speak. For example, you can’t expect people to appreciate the speed at which your website loaded, if there is pixelation that can be spotted on the user’s high-resolution screen. The Website code has to be dynamic so as to take care of the variety of screen resolutions and sizes that it will be opened on. You also can’t rely on Flash Content and instead focus on HTML5, since most mobile devices these days do away with a Flash Player altogether. The above factors also lead to the prominence of the Operating System differentiation, and hence, Android, iOS, Windows Phones and feature-phones — all have to be taken care of accordingly.
DhruvSoft: An SEO Agency in London With Expertise in Mobile SEO
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