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Billing Payments


The money these days, has moved online! And Billing & Payments Software are designed to handle the calculations involved in this money. eCommerce websites that have launched in recent times and the advent of other online businesses have made it essential for certain businesses to implement a billing software to take everything into account, or in some cases, payment software to handle the payments made by their customers. DhruvSoft Technology, with a decade of experience in the field, can help you get a secured, trustworthy Payment system.

Online Accounting Software Or Software To Manage Payments?

We have garnered acclaim from many of our clients for providing simplistic yet extremely functional Billing and Payment solutions. The Billing Software can take into account the monetary flow for multiple businesses, and hence help you manage the Accounting with ease. Whether you have to manage the payments that are due, or the ones that you have received, the execution of the Software is such, that ease-of-use is taken into account. We also include an intelligent retry system for certain clients. And did we forget to mention that if you opt to have a mobile-optimised payment option as well, we can deliver!

For An Online Business, Software Has To Take Care Of Payments

For many Online Businesses, it is extremely significant to integrate an online Payment tool. DhruvSoft can help you in including an extremely secure and integrated payment system so that all your billings remain intact. This is done over a secured connection and our software handles the Payment on your end extremely efficiently. The actual payment is obviously done via a third party payment gateway which we tie up with. Depending on your requirements, we can integrate multiple Payment options and Payment gateways. So, the software that we develop takes care of the customer end of the billing and payment, automatically takes into account the product(s) involved, and then also takes care of the back-end. So, a full integration with the front-end payment system means that you get a cost-effective solution which is good for business, isn’t it?