As time as gone by, technology has brought us to a platform where all of us are disconnecting ourselves with the previously recognised ‘died in the wool’ way of getting things done and entering a world where new concepts, ideas and formats multiply, flourish and nothing changes it. You can always get more. Everything is breaking their way through in all areas- politics, entertainment, the media… innovative industries especially when one thinks of graphic design.

Graphic Design, if one were to think about it, is a young industry contrary to say banking or even carpentry or any other field. Nevertheless, even though the industry is still young, it has become heavily dependent on technology. Technology, well there is so much that I could go on for hours but to keep my sanity and everyone else’s, I won’t. I will simply say one thing and that is it constantly changing that we are having a hard time keeping pace.

Of course, one can argue that there is a huge spoonful of craft involved but it was only a year and half ago when the graphic designers were discovering the Apple Mac and what it can do. Look around you. It seems so simple and easy for people to pick up a laptop and start making things for themselves. In various aspects, talent has become complaint and obedient to technology.