Yes, there is no denying it! Paid Search on Cell Phones has grown at a rapid pace. If in case you are thinking on the lines of cutting down on your organic search budget for cell phones, think again and pay attention to enhancing your overall traffic.

One fine day, as I was engrossed in work, my boss walks up to me and utters the words “Look,” pointing to the Google search results on his iPhone. He had simply typed in “quotes on life insurance,” and the listings and the organic listings are no to be seen anywhere. He had to scroll down past the fourth ad before getting to the first organic listing.

As he found the first listing, he looked up and said, “Why would anyone such as ourselves continue to pay attention to organic search on cell phones when Google is only showing us advertisements?” He continued to talk without asking me for my option.

“I recently read a report from a well known agency that said organic search visits had gone down to seven percent, as enhanced monetization of mobile results is targeting more paid listings and the traffic share has been a completely flat over the past year or so, but is up to at least a 11 points for paid search. Let us change the budget to paid and get over with it.”

If you have any sort of common sense, then I suggest you ignore what your boss just said. Well, yes it is true that the organic search visits have gone down, according to several reports. I could give you three main reasons why you should stick to mobile SEO in 2016.

For starters, the organic listing in mobile gets at least 7% traffic more than the first and second sponsored listings. Secondly, this is a proven fact. People click on the top four listings in mobile even more than their own desktop. Finally, organic search is much more effective and powerful.

Give it a thought if you are planning to minimise your search organic budget for mobile.