Looking for that one perfect present for a bookworm is a lot of work. Book lovers, like wine or car enthusiasts, have specific tastes and those flavors can be a nightmare or difficult to read.

Every book lover has their own genre and misguidedly under the notion that chronological and science fiction are close enough is similar to confusing a sauvignon blanc with a moscato. Underestimate, and that “ideal present” may just end up becoming the best makeshift doorstep.

Tear a page out of the present guide- skip through the release of the new book and select these book- subjected bestsellers instead.

Wallpaper for the bookshelf

Many booklovers have often dreamt of their own library at home. What a dream, a dream that could become a reality. These bookworms have often dreamt of the ancient kinds with floor to roof bookshelves, ladders that slide along with cozy rocking chairs.

Even though traditional book wallpapers cannot be compared to the “Beauty and the Beast” library, one’s fantasy, a life like bookshelf or wall painting. A fresco could go far into changing a dull looking room into a special reading nook.

Classy yet ancient pride and prejudice cell phone charger

An avid reader will never be far from their books. You will always know when a bookworm is in the room if you see the huge “read pile” of books kept on their bedside table. You can even throw in that bedroom cutter with that Jane Austin novel that comes across as a cell phone charger.

Every book lover has always appreciated the work of Jane Austin especially when it is “Pride and Prejudice”. I am a book lover and you know my secret to not sleeping at night, a good book. Shssh.. Don’t tell anyone, it is meant to be a secret!!