I once knew a guy. Whenever he used to speak to me, he was in his own hurry. Even before I could start speaking, he used to finish off the complete conversation.

I was confused as to why he was in a hurry always. I decided to do a bit of “guspaith” on him.

I started calling him twice into my cabin just to understand his way and nature of speaking.

He used to come up with lot of answers, wherein he never realized that I never even asked any question!
I told him to be patient while speaking.

You guessed it right, it didn’t really work out.
One day, when I lost all hope and energy, I decided to separate the facts from the fiction.

I decided to ask him everything, and bombarded him with several questions:
• Why are you always in hurry?
• Why do I always see a sense of insecurity in you?
• Why do you always keep on answering, when nobody asks you so many questions?
• Why you seem to be so busy all the time when you have limited work?
• & why the heck are you so difficult to speak with?

Do you know what his reply was?
“………Long pause”
(Surprisingly, that was probably the first time I saw him quiet for that long, and hence *drumrolls* rang in my ear in the background…)
& then an amazing reply…

“Main aisa hin hun…”
Yeah, he gave me that get-away-from-jail card a lot of people use these days.
And to that, I politely replied…

That day I realized that if I would have spent so many days on myself and finding out what I am and what I want from my life; I would have had the answer by now.
So guys, seriously, F-off and stop guspaithing on others’ lives. Or otherwise, you will learn a life lesson the hard way.