PTL Global Services Limited

Global Resourcing and Recruitment Services

PTU Global Services Limited is a technical recruitment and consultation service that initially started in Australia. Its primary objective was to provide the best recruitment services in project management, oil, and gas as well as executive posts for its global clients.

My first experience with O Desk has been very positive and Priyanka has given us just the new website we required."

Client Requirements

The client was looking for a dynamic PHP website with functional features to facilitate job applications and postings. They also wanted a dedicated backend for each functionality.


Even though PTL Services had a website, it was outdated and unresponsive. What they needed was a compelling site blueprint that could amplify their online presence and reflect their mission in a creative yet corporate manner. The major challenge was to integrate backend functionalities with an ingenious front end without slowing down the site’s loading or response time. This in return would deliver a smooth user experience.

Our Solution

PTL approached DSTOL, and we provided them with our elite development services. We used custom PHP development and Code Igniter to provide them with an enticing front end design. Our product catered for all descriptive needs, while the fully functional backend allowed the team to manage a record of over 100,000 employees intuitively. Our design and solution helped them expand their services by posting job openings and allowing recruiters to view resumes and shortlists in a hassle free manner.


Final Statement: The solution provided by DSTOL was exceptionally good and exceeded PTL Global Services expectations. Our easy to navigate design and CMS has helped them manage and maintain their website well.

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