angelicas reverbnation

We designed a brand new site for Fine Dining, Bar & Entertainment Restaurant Angelicas ReverbNation.

Angelicas is a magnificent and elite venue for fine dining and live entertainment. Opened recently in 2013, it has swiftly grown to become one of the most preferred family fine dining restaurants. Also, it offers an impeccable combination of great Jazz music, classy ambiance, and ravishing tastes.

I really do wish more business understood customer service like you do - You have Nordstrom level service at Walmart prices."

Client Requirements

This client needed a customized ticketing system with an aim to simplify the process of selling live events using reliable ticketing software. The restaurant was keen to cut down cost duplication incurred when dealing with the 3rd party ticketing service provider; Crowd Torch.


Angelicas had already set up a compelling interface, and they had a quality service offering. However, their system was overrun by a huge number of bookings that was difficult to manage. They consulted expert developers from DSTOL with an elaborate vision of what they wanted for their online ticketing system. They wanted a streamlined reservation management system that would also lead to customer gratification.

Our Solution

DSTOL’s team faced the challenge of delivering custom software development option that would tackle both ticketing service for reservation and provide exceptional user experience regarding lead maintenance and transaction history for future reference. Our developers provided Angelicas with a solution that exceeded their expectations on all fronts. Our custom software enabled the firm to manage their reservations and bookings in a way that cold track the number of persons in real time. Additionally, the software we created enabled the restaurant to preserve lead info for future purposes.



Final Statement: DSTOL’s development experts built fully functional and bug resistant software. Angelicas obtained a customized software development service that was focused on their customer requirements. This helped the businesses fulfill customer needs in a smooth manner, and they recorded a significant rise growth of their bottom line.

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