Your website is up and running. Things are looking good. The sun is shining bright. You are waiting for customers to show up at your e-commerce website and start your day. You have everything the customer wants. You have promised yourself to give the best services. The keywords are in place along with the tags. But… nothing happens!

Do you know what went wrong? Do you know at what point of time (or page) your customers lost interest? Were they even YOUR target audience?


Well, with Web Analytics, you can. Web analysis is not the same as web stats or traffic monitor, but it is easy to get confused, we agree. Web analysis, is the recording, measurement, analysis, and reporting of the website data. Only when you know what’s happening, will you be able to rectify and optimize your website. With the right information, you can change or improve the usability and the ranking of your website.

Website analysis, like everything else, started small. Initially, it would only record the number of hits, but as evolution happened, people weren’t interested in, ‘hey, I got 500 hits yesterday!’ anymore. Now, you can get reports, demographic of the visitors, which page did they visit, how did they find your site/blog/page, what device are they using, anything, anything at all, still more information…

People have their web analysis in place, even before their website goes live. It helps them to keep a track of the proceedings from day 1. Collecting data is always a smart move and is going to come handy, sooner than later. So why not start early!

If you don’t want to do it on your own, you could hire a professional to do it for you. This will let you keep a track on your competitor’s activities as well and also give you more time for your core work. If you think, you have a really cool website, which we hope you do, but you will never know if you don’t have Website Analysis!

Trying not to sound creepy, but we will know if you read it till the end or didn’t!