Maintaining a blog at the same time as doing business is considered very important for Search Engine Optimization. Not only blogging brings the necessary amount of content needed for your website, it also brings in inbound links and opportunity of attracting more visitors. Even though several sites do maintain a blog at the same time, they often do not pay proper attention to the needs of a good blog which results in poor quality and declining results. A blog is supposed to get you better ranks and not make the matters worse which is why we discuss some unspeakable mistakes that should be avoided at all costs if you are maintaining a blog for your website.

1. Not blogging often

Yes, not blogging often or not putting up content regularly is a huge mistake. You can’t really expect search engines like Google to count you in under the top flag if you do not have regular content being posted on your website. Or think about this- who would want to see that same old content again and again? Not blogging enough, decreases the number of interested visitors and also brings your ranking down as there are no new links to be added to the website!

2. Not researching

Posting regular content is good for the website but doing so without any proper research or meaning behind the content is totally fruitless. Yes, the content should mean something to the readers and should be sensible in every detail and aspect. Whether it is descriptive, deductive or objective- the content that you post as a blog on your website should always be carried by a good research and planning that would provide with the much needed structure for the blog.

3. Showing no creativity

No research is bad but even if that’s the case, you can still save the flag with a pinch of creativity. However, if you show no creativity as well, the ship has already sunk my friend. Creativity is the life of a blog post and people always look for something out of the box to read. If you can’t stand out of the crowd, you will surely face the ignorance of readers eventually.

4. No visuals

All text and no visuals make it a dull game, no matter how serious the title of your blog or content is. So whether you are writing a promotional content or any other blog – you do need to get some or the other info graphic or visual into the post to appeal to the user.

So you can easily find some or the other images related to the blog at image hosting sites or Google and then use them if you do not get the time to create your own.

5. Lack of catchy headlines

Ah, that’s just the topping you require to make sure people do not ignore your blog. Catchy phrases or titles do catch the reader’s eyes and show how interested you are in sharing some thoughts with the readers.