The eCommerce industry is all set to cross the 450 billion dollar mark in the year 2018 and needless to say, you and your business do want a chunk of it in the near future. However, it is hard to compete against eCommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart and eBay who have been providing some of the best services and have been luring customers with their quick but and other promotional strategies. It has been found that several small businesses have been spending more than half of their budget on online marketing. Adword campaigns and social media marketing are the major money drainers for these businesses. What’s shocking is that several of these businesses have no idea of their marketing campaigns and have been doing it just for the heck of it.

When the industry is already flooded, we do understand that it is a bit tough to stand out and get a piece of regular business. However, you can do this easily if you follow a simple strategy- ease up your customer’s work. Yes, online marketing is not enough. Here is what you can do to entice customers and turn visitors into customers:

1. Clean up your site

Hell yes, if you do want to attract customers, you do need to provide a clean shopping experience. The internet is full of extra and unwanted things, making the experience quite sloppy. But you can’t afford to have the same style as this may cost you your business in the future. Your website should have a streamlined shopping agenda for the customers. This would help you to keep your website light which would in turn help the website load quickly on all devices. The cleaner your site is, the better it looks and more business it makes.

2. Picture worth a thousand words

Isn’t it actually the eCommerce thing- to speak with pictures and let them do the talking for the product that you are trying to sell? We all know that the internet world is not the real world and hence, there is always a risk of fraud or cheating. However if you can bridge that risk and establish trust with your visitors and customers by delivering on what your promise, new business is already on its way.

3. Lure them back

Has a customer abandoned the shopping cart and is not showing any intention to get back and spend money on it? How about you follow Godfather’s advice and ‘make him an offer he can’t refuse’? Window shoppers too are important in eCommerce as more than 37% of total carts that are filled up on sites are abandoned. By sending gentle reminders and offering limited time based offers, you can surely lore them back to get some more business.

Making the mark

To get the best results, consider updating your website every now and then with a more concise content and product pictures. Rearranging in a smart manner too can land you new business opportunities. Hence, following these steps is quite the necessity in getting new customers dominating the eCommerce industry.