Content marketing is not a catchphrase in the digital industry anymore. It is the most famous marketing tactic businesses follow these days. Very few have managed to use it effectively. As most marketers work hard to improve upon their techniques, there are tips that have been floating around the internet. In fact, some of the tricks or tips have become so popular, that many executives whatever the resources available have been following everything to the T.

Content marketing techniques that you should not blindly use and a few that you should do.

Craft and posting as much content as possible

First, this hype about publishing a lot of content on the website should stop. The quality is given much more significance that the quantity. You need to make sure the content is interesting and informative that simply publishing stuff with industry specific keywords. You will have a better chance of a higher ranking on the search engine result page. Secondly, no one likes to read too much content. They do not have the time or the inclination to spend hours reading a long page. You need to maintain the follow and make it interesting.

Should be on every social platform

Ok, I agree that being present on various social networking sites is important these days but businesses need to realise that being on every social network is not important. Like for instance, while most industries benefit from being on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, they will lose their resources when trying to be on Instagram or Snapchat. There will be so many upcoming platforms in the near future, do not try to be on all of them. You will end up wasting your resources. You have to make your aims and goals clear, target your audience and see what they use the most, evaluate your content, and make sure it engages the audience.

Taking inspiration from your competitor’s content approach

Your competitor’s evaluation plays a massive role in creating the marketing strategy for a business. People who turn around and tell you to take ideas from your competitor’s content plan, they forget you cannot use the same think. There is no such rule as ‘one size fits all’ technique when dealing with content marketing. There is nothing like having a set number of articles or blogs or set of number of words. You have to know what works for you and you need to begin planning and using your own information along with your competitors evaluation of what is already there in the market. You need to find ways of improving your content techniques for better and ideal results.