It is the mobile culture on the rise as major businesses are gradually moving their business to the smartphone domain to target maximum number of customers and address their needs. Responsive website design is just one step of this whole transition process but to really take the business to the next level, you need a good mobile app with a brilliant app marketing strategy to get the customer base that you have always wanted. Even if you have a great mobile app ready to be launched in iOS, Android or both, you can’t really reach out to the customers and take the market by storm without a proper marketing strategy.

So before we start, you should know that strategy is not merely a step. It is a series of steps in connecting the pre release phase of the app to its post-release success. And here is your ultimate app marketing strategy-

Pre release phase

Marketing the application even before its released is somewhat of an exceptional skill. After all, you are not going to show the product to the customer yet still somehow make them curious and interested.

You can hold contests and share some images or videos of your new app. Contests can be something related to your business which would give gift hampers and discounts to the winners. For example, a mobile game application will almost certainly have an intriguing video trailer to catch the user imagination and get him interested. So you already got a lead, without even releasing the application. For this purpose, social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and Snapchat can be used.
One of the biggest mistakes that businesses commit in their mobile app marketing campaign is not considering keywords or proper market research.Market research is important in app marketing because it tells you what the competition is up to and how people are taking the mobile apps from the same design. This can help you make some last minute changes before the final release.

Keywords and keyword utilization will help increase the visibility of your mobile app to a great extent, fulfilling the purpose of marketing.

The release phase

Probably one of the toughest and most important phase in the marketing of your application is the time of its release. However, there are still some steps that you can take to promote your app. Offering discounts for the first 1000 downloads, giving exclusive merchandise or services to app users and providing special privileges is just a part of what you can do to achieve a fruitful marketing.
Apart from that, you can continue to post on Facebook and Instagram about what people are getting exclusively with your app. Sharing vital stats like number of downloads in the week or the amount of business might help you get more customers.

The post release

Yes, marketing does not end with release time promotion. Even after the release of your mobile application, you need to make sure that the app works fine and does provide your customers with the changes that they asked for with their feedback.

An ultimate mobile marketing strategy considers all aspects of marketing and application use. Make sure to strategise wisely and implement with intelligence for the best results.