Internet marketing was said to revolutionize the world and give the brands a chance to take in more customers and earn with the help of their ads. However, the introduction of ad blocking software in all platforms has changed quite a lot in the past one or two years. It has been reported that more than 16% of the total internet users used ad blocking software in 2015. Where 2016 is yet to be complete, we have already witnessed to an increase of over 13% in the rate. Advertisements was a major earning driver for every business and brand but now after the introduction of ad blocking software, ads are being blocked and nothing is being converted by the firms.

Advertisement has been one of the major marketing methods since long and when customers have been given the option of bypassing advertisements, why indeed would they like to view it? With new ad blocking software or plugin being released for different platforms and web browsers, users have now been given a chance to enjoy an ad free experience. Ad Block, Ad Block Plus and several other plugin extensions as well as software are now widely being used by the viewers for an ad and hassle free experience in mobile applications as well as Youtube. Well, Ad blockers do not always seem to be bad as they do protect the individual from unnecessary malware advertisements that try to open a file and execute system commands for hijacking the system from the user. Even marketing experts believe that ad blockers are not completely bad but this has now become an undeniable fact that after experiencing an ad free experience that allows the user to watch videos or play games on mobile without interruptions, they are no longer ready to go without an ad blocker.

Is ad blocker really changing the concept and motivation behind digital marketing? Yes. Now advertisements might seem like really annoying but they do keep the customers updated about a company’s latest products and services. According to the collected statistics, more than 16% people are already using net blocker and there is expected to be a rise of over 15% by the end of this year. By 2018, almost half the number of devices will have some or the other type of ad blocker. The numbers are indeed worrying, as this could be the decline of digital marketing times. After all, why would a company then spend on internet advertisements when no customer is interested in watching it, even for once?

Some companies have come up with an alternative or the way to break the ad blocker shield. Yes, websites like that of Forbes does not let you go ahead and view anything on the page unless you have disabled the ad blockers. Now such a condition might not really affect the user a lot but if the websites shield their content from ad blockers, this might help in getting users to disable their ad blockers.