The market is always developing. Ok, yes, I agree with the fact that evolution, as scientific facts have proven is a natural phenomenon of any successful industry, but in the digital age we are currently living in, there are a few who can compete with the speed at which advertising has changed-implementing and using new platforms and practices.

Are you implementing all kinds of channels and social media buying? Are you making good use of all the information? Marketers are highly dependent on what they can do and expect to do with technology. The trend is constantly growing and will not stop as touch points have become diverse through improved mobility and the internet. It is always better to be informed contrary to be ignorant about the digital marketing graph of 2016.

This is where Digital marketing comes in

Every year, whenever there is a digital marketing summit held, several newbie’s and grizzled veterans attend to see what is happening with digital marketing. The purpose of attending the summit is to help them capitalize on the best tactical engagement options or alternatives for their digital marketing campaign.

Well, I do not will not to be greedy or stubborn, so I am going to give you an insight to what these summits are all about. Before I begin, I just need to get something off my chest. I cannot seem to keep it a secret any longer. Well, here goes, every time there is a conference, I think “big whoop”, “what’s the big deal” “Digital marketers know everything” “They don’t need it”. There I said, phew! I am glad I said. It wasn’t much of a secret was it? Oh, never mind.

Now, where was I? Oh, yes of course. “The Big Digital Marketing summit” The summit often discusses the skills each marketer should have and needs to have. If you must know, a digital marketer should be an expert at paid social media marketing, expertise and knowledge of sales, the maturity to think rationally and the talent to evaluate drip marketing campaign and of course the big one “ the ability to think creativity and knowledge of WordPress”.

Digital marketing, after all, is an art and not science. All you need is creativity and the skill to think “out of the box”.