Even though we are very much into the technological race and the digital era has stepped in, it is quite odd to reveal the fact that businesses today are struggling with internet as a tool for marketing and advertising. When the smart phones began sprouting all over the world, business experts anticipated that mobile and internet marketing would take the world by storm and revolutionize the shopping experience of an average shopper. Now it did happen but not to the extent that was expected. Mobile Marketing in today’s world has stooped quite to the lows as many business owners and marketing agencies fail to use its complete potential in an effective marketing campaign.

The hard data

More than 70% in USA and almost an 80% of the UK citizens have been using their smart phones for online shopping experience. Even though the trend started in the year 2012, it comes as a surprise that still no more than 17% of the business owner and traders have used mobile marketing channel for enticing customers. So why is that even after knowing how important it really is, business owners and retail markets have failed to utilize mobile marketing in their overall promotional campaigns.

Many experts attribute this to the lack of knowledge in mobile marketing. Even though it has been the mobile era where everything is going smart on the phone without the hassle of getting out of home, several businesses are still using the conventional methods of marketing that have not been fruitful in the changing times, leading to huge decline in sales as well as popularity.

And the smart few

However, the case is not same as everywhere else. To be frank, there are a few businesses that have understood the needs of the customers and have been taking their mobile marketing and advertising strategy much more seriously. By designing responsive websites, giving mobile specific offers through applications and SMS and several other techniques are readily being used by eCommerce giants to lure back customers. And yes, it works. Mobile Marketing and advertising might not be as prevalent as it should be but it certainly is being utilized by a select few like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and more. Several businesses have become more focused over building a mobile application to cater to the needs of the smart phone users as responsive websites and social media advertising on apps is not enough.

This is the reason why the leading businesses have taken up mobile paid ad campaigns to advertise in games, social media apps as well as through SMS and messaging apps. The studies have shown that even though responsive websites work, there is a still a need to take things a notch higher by going into the application promotion, mobile centric offers and discounts as well as mobile advertisement through messaging and paid advertisements.

Final Thoughts

It is quite astonishing that more than a billion devices are there all over the world, utilizing the smart OS of Android or iOS. Yet, no more than 20% of them receive mobile marketing offers. Somewhere, the front has been lacking due to ineffective and inefficient strategies as well as lack of knowledge.