Never before has there been a Cold War like situation in the 21st century until Facebook and Snapchat locked their horns to go on head to head in increasing their clients and dominating the social media platforms. Facebook currently stands as the undisputed leader in the social media platforms with a client base all over the world that has crossed the 1.6 billion mark while on the other hand, Snapchat has been regarded as one of the most promising social media platform that is going 100 million strong day by day. So it’s obvious, there’s bound to be a clash, clash of the veteran and the talented rookie- Facebook vs Snapchat.

Snapchat on the rise

Facebook is the brainchild of Mark Zukerberg and happens to offer quite a lot in terms of making personal connections, following celebrities, marketing the brand and creating a business value. However, Facebook has recently witnessed a huge decline in users uploading personal photographs and sharing incidents, probably because of the less user friendly design and prioritization by Facebook. Facebook and Facebook owned Instagram has seen a participation rate of roughly 30% whereas Snapchat has a participation rate of over 60% which clearly tells that users prefer Snapchat more. Snapchat has indeed offered some very user friendly options for creating and posting content to share. By making it simpler for the users to decide who will see what content they share, Snapchat has clearly shown where it priorities lie- with the users and their satisfaction.

Facebook’s failed attempts

Facebook has realized this rivalry and has been constantly trying to take control by either putting new ideas for development or by trying to buy the app Snapchat. Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg has already sustained two failed attempts to buy Snapchat at 1 billion USD and 3 Billion USD. Snapchat on the other hand is increasing its value, its client base its shared data volume and every other stuff at monumental rate. Facebook even tried to put up rivals to Snapchat but failed miserable, losing its own loyal customers in the process.

Numbers is all that matters

Facebook’s net worth happens to be almost 200 billion USD while Snapchat manages just a meagre 10 Billion. Now even though Facebook has more than 800 million monthly active usewrs as opposed to some 30 million from Snapchat, Snapchat reports a total of 700 million photographs and media content shared in the same periodic time as that of Facebook which could just manage somewhere around 100 million.

Now Facebook is indeed very popular and there are several people who use it daily but if we talk about investments, growths and profits, Snapchat has indeed taken the lead, facing quite a competitive market and failed takeover attempts to still provide the users with an amazing experience. And nothing speaks more of Snapchat’s potential than the fact that Facebook has been trying very hard to acquire Snapchat ever since its rise.

Now Facebook might have the lead today in online marketing and more number of users but when it comes to enjoying a more personalized experience, Snapchat is indeed the better pick which is why it is growing unstoppably.