Cloud Hosting

The world is moving to the cloud. Physical servers are clumsy, marred with vulnerabilities, and simply not the way to go. This is also the reason that we need to have a better perspective of the way software is handled on the World Wide Web. Cloud services have moved from being just proof-of-concept to being actually ready for implementation. You might be wondering, “Where does that leave me with my website?”

Cloud Hosting

See, the Cloud is marred with its own complexities and one needs to understand its intricacies completely to handle something like website hosting in a delicate manner. Two growing concerns for enterprises that have moved from the proof-of-concept to integrating the public cloud into their IT strategy are “cloud sprawl” and hindered complexity. Sprawl happens when companies begin to leverage the self-service nature of the cloud without figuring out how to operationalize security and governance to monitor the design, deployment and management of the public cloud environments within their organisation.
If you have been wondering what we, at Dhruvsoft Technology have been doing in the domain, the answer is quite simple. We are an AWS partner and can help you opt for AWS in a manner best suited to your interests. Our real time consultants can help you get the best value out of AWS.
The transition is another aspect that needs to be taken care of in a careful manner.
Still need further convincing? How about you get in touch with us and one of our consultants shall divulge further details about our cloud hosting services.

Easy to Customize

Customisation on the cloud is easier than traditional servers. From being just proof-of-concept to being actually ready for implementation - the Cloud has shaped up well!

99% server uptime

Suffering server downtime? Forget that with the Cloud. Our real time consultants can help you get the best value out of the raliable AWS.

Secured Server

Enhanced security is probably the biggest USP for the Cloud. Imagine cohesive, encrypted data flow that leaves no room for compromises.

Clean & Minimal Design

When migrating from a physical servers to the cloud, several services and plugins need to be accordingly managed. This is where the minimal interface shines.
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