Google in their recent updates confirmed that there is a core ranking algorithm update. They have also told the industry that the Panda Algorithm is a part of the core-ranking algorithm. These updates were announced recently but the news about ‘the panda Algorithm’ is something that studies have shown months ago where as the core ranking happened over the weekend.

Both these reports have led to a bit of confusion and puzzlement in the industry. Google, furthermore shares more data about the algorithms, which has led to even more confusion and several questions. To clear the confusion, I did my homework and came up with the solutions to the problem.

The update that took place over the weekend did not change the panda penalty. This statement is false even though some assume that the updates or changes took place, which supposedly freed a few sites that were negatively influenced from the algorithm. Google panda does not run in actual time. This is yet another puzzle ‘Panda is now real time’. When did this happen? It is not true.

Several experts have said that panda scores do not run in real time or when the core algorithms are refreshed. These are statements that when read, came as a shock. It is not something that anyone of us thought would be false. Well, is there a way of finding out in the future if all the updates Google comes out with are true? I guess we will have to wait and watch what happens next.